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About Amit Miglani

Amit is the founder and CEO of MIG Sons & Co. He has over two decades of real estate experience with focus on wealth management and property investment portfolio. He is instrumental in improving your wealth, boosting your investment goals, and providing strategies to succeed in real estate portfolio.

He knows how to make a real estate investment, no matter small or large, a profitable success with a dependable wealth advice. Get ready to expand your real estate portfolio and start making wealth with MIG Sons & Co.

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Founder & CEO

Mig Sons & Co is a full-service property investment company in Melbourne having decades of experience and knowledge to make a real estate investment a profitable success. We provide a dependable and personalised service to help Australians invest on their own terms.

We are ready and eager to help you at every step of the way, whether you are a novice investor or seeking to expand your real estate portfolio.

60 Years + 22 Years + 40 Years Of Real Estate Experience

With a great industry reputation and experience, we are regarded as Melbourne’s most reliable property advisors. We have devoted ourselves to assisting ambitious people like you in securing their future by arming them with the information, contacts, and experience they require to make wise real estate decisions.

Our company has proudly assisted clients in acquiring more than 4-5 billion dollars in sales

Our Mission

We are here to give our clients the greatest property investment and mortgage solution possible so they may buy with confidence.

Our Vision

We pride ourselves on being masters of property investment for our clients. We’re in this for the long haul and deliver whatever you need.

Our Values & Our Work

Our CEO, Amit Miglani’s core ideas serve as our guiding values at Mig Sons & Co. It help creates the framework for the work we do.


We uphold the principles of ethics set forth by our CEO. Throughout the planning, development and management process, we make an effort to deliver the best services and exceed your expectations. We maintain close communication with our clients to offer a straightforward direction during every challenging phase of project management.


Our team of down-to-earth investment advisors is disciplined and have a strategy to meet your goals, minimise risk, and minimise costs. We are never tempted to make emotional decisions.


We follow our company morals to maximise the potential of property and real assets to accelerate the success of our clients, our investors and our people.

Our Team

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Director - Operations

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Director - Operations

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