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Growing wealth through opportunities in large land development now accessible to mum and dad investors

While some areas of the property sector have experienced a dip in prices, other areas are experiencing strong growth, especially the development of large parcels of land.

According to Amit Miglani, large land development is going through a period of strong growth due to increased demand for houses with land attached and the need for more retail, commercial and industrial centres around the country.

“With borders reopening, many people are re-entering the country after being locked out for some time.  Expats are coming home and many people are moving to Australia to enjoy the lifestyle and security that our country offers,” Miglani said.

“This is helping to drive strong demand for properties with land.  As a result, large land development offers significant opportunities for wealth creation.  Normally mum and dad investors are not able to access this type of investment due to the cost and scale of these types of projects.

“The good news is that now, thanks to large land development projects being implemented by organisations such as Mig Sons & Co, mum and dad investors can get involved in growing wealth through investment in large land development.

“Large land development doesn’t just include clusters of residential developments such as houses and townhouse complexes, it also includes apartment complexes and commercial properties including retail shops, office hubs and industrial centres.”

Amit Miglani is the founder of property advisory business ‘Mig Sons & Co, which is based in Melbourne, Victoria.   The business focuses on investing in large parcels of land that are ideal for development and project managing the turnkey process of translating the land into new development opportunities.

Miglani outlines why large land development is now one of the most popular areas of property investment.  He also provides his tips on the benefits of growing wealth through investment in projects that involve developing large parcels of land.

The power of combined funds

“The development of large parcels of land offers significant investment returns due to the sheer size and scale of the projects involved.  By buying into larger developments, mum and dad investors are able to be part of bigger investment projects.  The cost of investment can be split among several investors allowing investors to do more with their funds,” Miglani said.

Tailored real estate solutions

“Mum and dad investors are also able to invest in property development opportunities that meet their unique needs.  Different projects involve different levels of investment, yield and exit strategies.  This gives investors more flexibility in the type of projects they invest in,” Miglani added.

Trusted suppliers

“Developments involving larger parcels of land are normally professionally managed and involve trusted suppliers with a proven track record of delivering quality outcomes,” Miglani said.

Detailed financials

“Large property developments involve detailed financials. Large projects are normally costed down to every minute detail.  This is extremely important and provides transparency for investors. It also helps to inform investors on the type of returns they can expect to achieve,” Miglani added.

Miglani believes that many mum and dad investors will turn to large property development opportunities to drive wealth creation given the challenges facing other parts of the real estate sector and stock market.

About Mig Sons & Co

Mig Sons & Co is a full-service property advisory company headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria.  Founded by Amit Miglani, the business boasts over a century of combined industry experience comprising the expertise and knowledge to make real estate investment a profitable success.  The advisory has already completed projects worth $4-5 billion in total and is on track to achieve a turnover target of $100 million per quarter.

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