Project Management

Looking for the best project management company in Melbourne? Our professionals are more than just project managers because we are industry leaders in real estate investment services.

To unlock asset value in office, retail, industrial, community, residential, and hospitality industries, Mig Sons & Co offers impartial end-to-end development guidance and project management services for our clients.

We have completed projects totaling more than 4-5 billion dollars in value over the past few years in Melbourne, Australia. We maximise wealth and financial performance for small as well as large projects on both new construction sites and within existing assets.

Transforming Spaces The Way You Want

With decades of experience in real estate, we are here to realise your strategic goals beyond completing your project on time and within budget. Our team is here to help you out in all aspects of project handling for your rental or investment property, right from design, construction, or renovation process.

We assist with:

Delivering End-to-End Project Management Solutions

At Mig Sons & Co, we live and breathe property development and project management, having been involved in many projects around Australia. Our team excels at:

Our goal is to invest in long term relationships with our clients and practice trust, confidence and commitment to achieve the best results.

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Meeting Your Strategic Investment Goals

Our project managers pride themselves for having strong connections with the community, consultants, contractors, and suppliers involved in managing a real estate project. Our experience allows us to meet the allotted budget, schedule, and subpar workmanship.

We are well aware of the complexities involved in project management and keep everyone in the loop to streamline the process. Our managers are focused on minimising risk, maximising value, and delivering unmatched experiences for developers, buyers, and partners.